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AU-50 & AU-90 Automatic Sampler

Au-50 and Au-90 Automatic Sampler is used to pretreat and convey water sample in tests, especially the process conducted by GMAS (gas-phase molecular absorption spectrograph)


1. Sample holder: 48 columns for AU-50, 85 columns for AU-90.

2. Use PTEE as pipe’s materials and stainless steel as syringe’s materials to meet the requirements of durability and corrosion resistance.

3. Perfectly compatible with software operation system of GMAS which can control the sampler to handle the samples according to different working stages.

4. Automatic self-rinsing function with cleaning time set by computer.

5. Sweeping and homogenizing system are available to prevent interference of VOC, making the stratified samples more homogeneous and typical.