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XJ-TN20 Ultraviolet Decomposer

XJ-TN20 can continuously and automatically decompose nitride in samples, with the process conforming to the standard HJ668-2013 of MEP (ministry of environmental protection) on ultraviolet decomposing methods for flow-injection analyzing instruments.


1. Automatically and directly measure the nitride in analyzing process without manually decomposing samples before the test.

2. Time-saving with the test of each water sample costing just about 5 minutes including decomposing process.

3. Strong decomposing capability to completely decompose most of organics.

4. No potential risk, as it doesn’t need the conditions of high temperature and high pressure.

5. Automatically remove gas bubbles to reduce abnormal signals.

6. Automatically switch the reagents needed in the process to reduce reagent consumption.

7. Completely compatible with GMA series gas-phase molecular absorption spectrograph.

8. Adopt the cutting-edge catalysis technique to increase the water-decomposing efficiency by over 50%.

9. With built-in diluting system, XJ-TN20 can expand measuring scope of water samples far more than traditional ways.