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Sample pretreatment equipment
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TRN500 Automatic Nitride Extractor

TRN500 is independently developed by Beiyu Instruments to integrally and automatically extract ammoniacal nitrogen, nitrite nitrogen and nitrate nitrogen in soil.

Operation mechanism

Put the soil sample into potassium chloride solution, followed by magnetically stirring the blended liquid, then precipitate the soil on the bottom and get the clear liquid on the top of container.


1. The extraction efficiency is ensured under accurate control of thermostatic water tank at the temperature of 20°C with an error less than 0.3°C.

2. The soil samples and extracting liquid are evenly blended through automatically magnetic stirring with intelligent velocity-changing control.

3. The contamination to container can be prevented with no need to replace the container in the whole process.

4. The extraction and sedimentation are automatically conducted without manual operation.

5. It can handle as many as 30 samples in a single process.