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Sample pretreatment equipment
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VCL-60 Vacuum Suction Filter

In compliance with relevant China’s national standards on gravimetric method and measurement for suspended sediment in water (GB 11901-89), VCL-60 is used to measure the suspended materials in water, sanitary sewage and industrial wastewater.


1. Automatically decompress to open the filter cup soon after the suction filtration is finished.

2. Operation is convenient and fast at 250ml per minute, as VCL-60 can automatically decompress and drain water in the real time of filtrating process.

3. Outfitted with imported special pump, VCL-60 gets a long lifespan no less than 6,000 work hours.

4. Optional configuration such as multi-structure is available to handle combined filtrating process according to different requirements.

5. Filter cup is durable, corrosion-resistant and easy to clean.


Filter membrane: CN-CA, pore diameter 0.45μm, membrane diameter 60mm

Pump: suction flow 3L/min, relative vacuum degree -27kPa