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Permanganate index analyzer
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BCL-100 Portable Suction Filter

In compliance with relevant China’s national standards on gravimetric method and measurement for suspended sediment in water (GB 11901-89), BCL-100 is used to measure the suspended materials in water, sanitary sewage and industrial wastewater.


1. Outfitted with high-volume lithium battery with 20 working hours on a charge, and also equipped with LCD screen to show the battery consumption, BCL-100 is fit for field operation.

2. Portable and small, light in weight of 5kg.

3. Easy operation with automatic decompression and convenient replacement of filter membrane which is hydrophilic and micro-porous with a pore diameter at 0.45μm.

4. Imported vacuum pump with long lifespan, high vacuum degree and strong corrosion resistance.

5. With two-in-one design to combine together sample container and collecting bottle, no need to rinse the bottle when processing next sample.

6. Materials used in sample container (also used as collecting bottle) are free of metal ion, conform to the requirements of national standards and operation guides.