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Permanganate index analyzer
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CGM400 Automatic Permanganate Index Analyzer (with robotic titration system)



1. The design strictly follows the national standards of GB11892 & GB5750, the testing process can completely meet the requirements of the above-mentioned standards.

Decomposition: the process lasts 30 minutes to decompose samples by heating samples in solution of potassium permanganate and sulfuric acid.

Titration: after the decomposing process is ended, potassium permanganate is used to titrate back residual sodium oxalate under the condition of constant temperature 80°C, and different temperature can be set as required.

End-point judgment: end-point of titration can be figured out through observing the change of colors.

Above-mentioned decomposition-titration process is integrally and automatically performed.

2. Convenient and fast operation.

User-friendly UI can instantly record and respond to the testing process.

Unmanned operation can automatically accomplish the process of liquid adding, heating and titrating in different testing stages, and the one-key-testing function is also available on this product.

The analyzing results can be directly output.

CGM400 can be linked to the LIMS (laboratory information management system) and upload the analysis data in real time to improve experimentation management.

3. Safety.

Traditional hand-titration is replaced by high-accuracy auto-titration to keep operator from directly contacting the medium with high temperature and the strong oxidants such as sulfuric acid and potassium permanganate.

4. Original creation

(1) The end-point of titration is judged through creative color-recognition technology based on bionic science, which simulates the color cognition function of human eyes but is more accurate. This way conforms to national standards better than those ways using voltage or electric current to judge the end-point.

(2) The ingenious and intelligent mechanical arm simulates the motion of human hand to grab and convey samples.

5. Technical parameters.

(1) 48-hole sample disc
Measuring scope:<5.0mg/L
(3) RSD
3.5%, standard solution of glucose with concentration of 4.0mg/L (n=5)
Detecting limit: 0.05mg/L

6. Operation

(1) The automatic and intelligent operation is conducted through the whole measuring process, including cognizing and grabbing sample, adding reagent, decomposing sample, titrating, returning sample to original location after the test is finished.

(2) CGM400 can automatically clean its reagent conveying pipes. To meet the specific requirements for accuracy in different tests, operator can accordingly choose suitable self-cleaning procedures which will drive the instrument to rinse and clean all its fluid pipes.

(3) Automatically calibrate the concentration of solution.

(4) Automatically calculate the measuring results and evaluate the quality control.

(5) Data can be directly output in format of Excel or JPG, and so on.

(6) Automatically convert to standby mode after the process is finished, with remote control available.