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Permanganate index analyzer
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CGM800 Automatic Permanganate Index Analyzer



CGM800 automatic permanganate index analyzer is a brand new product developed by Beiyu Instruments for purpose of efficiently measuring permanganate content in water samples. It automates the analysis through intelligently integrating decomposing and analyzing process in the measurement, to improve the slow testing speed in traditional hand-operation ways, and minimize the visual error arising from observing the change of color with eyes. CGM800 is able to ensure the accuracy of testing results, and improve the efficiency in the meantime.

Testing mechanism of CGM800

1. Decompose water sample. (This decomposing way for water samples is strictly in accordance with China’s national standard on Measurement for Permanganate Index in Water, GB11892—1989)

2. Add the quantified sodium nitrite into the decomposed water samples to consume the potassium permanganate.

3. Calculate the permanganate index through measuring the residual of sodium nitrite in water.

Instrument parameters

Wavelength accuracy±0.2nm

Wavelength repeatability±0.1nm

Accuracy of temperature control±0.1

Baseline drift0.0002A

Baseline noise0.0001A

Detecting limit0.05mg/L

Measuring range:<5.0mg/L,<10.0mg/L

Measuring time: about 4 min for a single sample

RSD – relative standard deviation: 2.0%


1. CGM800 has strong capacity of resisting disturbance. Samples do not need to be pretreated, as the samples’ chromaticity and turbidity don’t influence the analyzing process and results.

2. Preparatory work for testing is convenient as few kinds of reagents are needed in analysis, and the reagents are easy to make as well.

3. The analysis is highly automated through intelligently integrating decomposing and analyzing process, without manually adding reagents and calculating permanganate index by manual titration.

4. CGM800 is efficient in testing with the capacity of dealing with 30 samples in a single process, as just 4 minutes is consumed to analyze each sample.

5. The testing result is accurate and reliable with convenient operation.

6. The flow accuracy can reach ±0.1% with injection sampler controlled by computer.

7. Multiple electronic alarm system can monitor the water levels, the alarm will be triggered if the liquid level is abnormally low or high.

8. The rinsing tank is specially designed to avoid mutual disturbance and contamination between untested water samples in the decomposing and analyzing process.

9. The delicate design on sample syringe can prevent mutual contamination between reagents.

10. The sample injection system with multichannel can avoid mutual contamination between reagents, as each reagent has respective way to be conveyed into the sampler.

11. The precise temperature-controlling system can raise the accuracy to ±0.1°C.