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Gas-phase molecular absorption spectrograph (GMAS)
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GMA3370 Gas-phase Molecular Absorption Spectrograph (GMA3370 GMAS)



GMA3370 is the newest third-generation GMAS independently developed by Beiyu Instruments on the basis of the second-generation ones, which can easily and rapidly measure ammoniacal nitrogen, nitrite nitrogen, nitrate nitrogen, Kjeldahl nitrogen, nitride and sulfide in water samples, and the measurement can completely meet the requirements of the standards of HJ/T 195, HJ/T 196, HJ/T 197, HJ/T 198, HJ/T 199, HJ/T 200 issued by the Ministry of Environmental Protection.


1. The samples do not need to be pretreated, as the samples’ chromaticity and turbidity don’t influence the analysis when using GMA3370 to conduct measuring process.

2. The measuring process is extremely fast at no more than one minute for every single sample testing.

3. The operation is very simple under the automatic control by computer.

4. No harmful or toxic reagent is applied in the analysis.

5. Testing results are accurate and reliable, the recovery rate of the re-added water sample is between 95%105%, and the RSD(relative standard deviation) of repetitive measurementn=6,A>0.050is ≤1%.

6. The measurable concentration scope is broad from 0.001ppm to 1000ppm.

Merits of GMA3370 in comparison with the second-generation GMAS

1. Testing process is faster than before, as the improvement of the optical structure leads to a more stable optical system.

2. The flow-injection sampling system is improved in GMA3370, the flow of reagents and samples can be individually controlled with higher accuracy and stability.

3. Ammoniacal nitrogen (NH3-N) can be automatically oxidized and transformed into nitrite nitrogen through the built-in oxidizing system, without manually adding oxidizing agent. The system can prevent NH3-N measurement from the influence arising from nitrite nitrogen in water samples.

4. Outfitted with automatic sampling system, GMA3370 can conduct unmanned operation in the testing process for a large number of samples, also automatically clean itself and convert to standby mode after the process is finished.

5. The automatic sampler with blending, purging and diluting systems can handle turbid samples and intelligently dilute the samples with high concentration.

6. The system integration of GMA3370 is greatly optimized through improvement of software.