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                                                         Shanghai Headquarters and R&D Center
Shanghai Beiyu Analytical Instruments Co.,Ltd, listed on the NEEQ (National Equities Exchange and Quotations, stock code: 838239, stock name: Beiyu instruments), is a high-tech company certified by Shanghai government. 

Beiyu obtained support from Innovation Fund for Technology-based SMEs founded by the MOST (China Ministry of Science and Technology) in 2013, its main products are certified as High-tech Incubation Project by Commission of Science and Technology of Shanghai. The founder, Chen Fan, was awarded Technology Innovation Entrepreneur by  MOST in 2015.

Beiyu specializes in the R&D, manufacturing and sales of large-size and precise analytical instruments, its main products include high-end gas-phase molecular absorption spectrograph (GMAS), automatic analyzer for measuring nitrogen in soil, automatic CODMn analyzer, and so on. Among these products, the GMAS is technologically and exclusively occupied by the analytical instruments industry in China, with no similar product being presented in the other markets in the world by far, and according to the open data of bid and tender, Beiyu holds about 90% of the share in the GMAS market.

Beiyu attaches great importance to technological innovation and talents recruitment. We set up an R&D center covering an area over 2000 m² in a high-tech park in Shanghai, annually invest over 20% of our yearly sales amount in R&D in recent years. We have established close talents cooperation and academic communication with prestigious universities in China such as Fudan University and Tongji University, experts and technicians from these universities make up 30% of our staff. Due to our progressive innovation and talent policy, Beiyu has approximately obtained 30 patents and original technologies based on our own complete IPRs.

Beiyu pays attention to establishing national standards for analytical instruments, participated in the compilation of Norms for Calibration of Gas-phase Molecular Absorption Spectrograph in 2014 and 2015, in collaboration with Shanghai Measurement Institute and Zhejiang Provincial Measurement Institute.

Beiyu has made an extraordinary performance in domestic GMAS stage, but we will not rest our content with present achievement. Our future goal is promoting advanced analytical technologies and instruments around the world, devoting ourselves to the great cause of protecting the environment worldwide.

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                                                      Shanghai Headquarters and R&D Center